Monday, September 11, 2006

Ain't it cool: Renewable energy fights global warming, creates economic boom

Deliberate, thoughtful renewable energy policy will not only slow global warming but also blow open the doors to new economic markets and investment opportunities. In fact, this is happening in my own backyard: The Twin Cities Business Journal reports that construction companies are enjoying a boom in wind turbine contracts, law firms are expanding their renewable energy practice, and investment banks are capitalizing on the region's ethanol boom.

All this bodes well for the Upper Midwest, which should be leading the world towards a more efficient, reliable, and clean energy system but instead is getting beaten handedly by other countries and states like Pennsylvania. State legislatures should be taking deliberate steps to set policy that encourages and continues this sort of energy diversity, and Congress needs to buck up and make permanent the production tax credit for wind power, which now expires every two years and paints the wind power market like a rollercoaster.


Dank said...

Damn you Pennsylvania!

And they really need to scrap the rolling tax credit thing. Who will be willing to put up capital for a project with that sort of variable risk?

Maria Energia said...

Thanks for the comment, dank. By the way, how did you come across my blog?