Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Mercury reduction technology gets recognition

Here's a company that's doing something innovative with mercury pollution technology. Sorbent Technologies (SORB.PK) is a finalist in the Platts Global Energy Awards competition for the Commercial Energy Technology of the Year. Sorbent produces brominated carbons for mercury capture and systems for injecting them into the flue gases of coal-fired power plants. In other words, they help pull mercury from smokestacks. Other finalists include GE Energy, Shell Global Solutions, ENI, and Battelle. The winner will be announced November 30th.

Mercury hasn't gotten much attention at Maria Energia, but it should. Mercury pollution from coal-fired power plants ends up the lakes and rivers, where it accumulates in fish and doesn't go away. Currently there are mercury pollution advisories for all of Minnesota's +10,000 lakes. Children and pregnant women are cautioned to limit the amount of fish they eat because of the risk of neurologial damage caused by mercury poisoning. As a Minnesotan and someone who fishes (a fisherwoman, I guess), I have a constitutional right to fish, but can't eat what I catch.

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Jon said...

Sorbent Technologies also had someone testify (back in Feb. '05) before a state senate hearing on reducing mercury emissions from Minnesota coal plants. They seem to be up to good things.