Tuesday, November 07, 2006

B.S. powers Vermont campus and its energy too

Just kidding, Vermont - you're like kin to us Minnesotans; progressive folks surviving brutal weather. And you have some great stuff going on with energy. Like Green Mountain College being powered by manure.

The school just started getting half of its electricity from farms that use methane gas-powered generators. Manure and other farm waste are held in a sealed concrete tank at 101 degrees F, the same temperature as a cow's stomach (I just love that bit of trivia!). Bacteria digests the mass, releasing the methane that powers the generator.

Makes sense coming from the state that has the
highest ratio of cows to people (take that, Wisconsin).

Central Vermont Public Service (CVPS), the utility that distributes the energy, manages the Cow Power Program. So far more than 3,500 households have signed up for the renewable, homegrown energy. Moo to that!

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anti-trend-trend said...

Love the humor.

This is one of my favorite types of creative problem solving: cow manure produces methane, harness it and generate power. I recently read about a coal plant piping CO2 emissions to a nearby greenhouse that had previously manufactured their own. Hopefully this is just the beginning...