Sunday, November 19, 2006

Small business association wants global warming legislation

The President of Small Business California and a board member of the National Small Business Association, Scott Hauge, briefed congressional staff this month about how global warming legislation can positively impact small businesses. Hauge, the owner of a San Francisco insurance agency, also lobbied for California's cap on carbon dioxide emissions.

Hauge pointed out that small businesses have a lot to gain by being as energy efficient as possible, and most of the companies leading on the clean technology frontier are small businesses. Government policies that favor clean tech companies could help create thousands of new jobs and expand the sector.

Business people like Hauge are helping to change the dialogue on global warming regulation and renewable energy entrepreneurship. No longer is it a strictly "environmental" debate, nor should it be. Businesses, families, consumers, and the planet, all stand to
lose a lot without regulation of carbon and the slowing of global warming. But they also stand to gain so much when their larger community - heck maybe even the U.S. government? - decides to get serious.

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