Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Thankful for clean energy

The Christian Science Monitor lists 10 things to be thankful for, one of which is the growing momentum to tackle the energy crisis. People are learning how reliant we are on fossil fuels and how depending on other countries for energy can get us into quite a mess. More and more Americans understand that fuel efficient vehicles and a shift toward renewable energy for our electricity is the only way to reduce our reliance on fossil fuels, boost our economy, and slow global warming all at the same time. We can be thankful for that and motivated to do more.

I'll be on holiday until Monday. Happy Thanksgiving!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for finding the silver lining in this journalistic cloud. The columnist however gives too much credit to the Bush junta for recognizing reality and for thinking U.S. definitions of freedom are all that matter to others. Energy independence is good, as a prelude to our ability to look at other states without greed or angst, but it's not the same as freedom.