Sunday, November 12, 2006

Xcel Energy calls for federal policy on CO2

Is this the Xcel Energy I know and love? Or at least, to whom I send in my electric bill each month?

On Friday, Xcel Energy's President and CEO Dick Kelly announced that Xcel will advocate for federal mandatory standards to reduce CO2, the main global warming pollutant. Kelly favors tax credits for companies that use clean technology, rather than a tax on carbon emissions like the kind the city of Boulder recently passed.

Xcel is the nation's fourth largest utility and the largest utility user of wind power, presumably positioning it to get some hefty tax credits if Kelly's preference becomes reality.

This announcement is quite a change from two years ago when Xcel fought tooth and nail against a Colorado renewable energy amendment. Amendment 37, which voters approved, requires utilities to get 10% of their electricity from renewable sources by 2015. Since then, Xcel has announced it will meet all of the initiative's requirements by next year.

Nice job in Colorado, Xcel. But then why do you continue to fight a renewable electricity standard in Minnesota?

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shadoweyes said...

I tried to answer this in a post on referring back to this story.