Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Biggest U.S. wind power purchase made

Electric utility Southern California Edison (SCE) and Australian-based Allco Finance Group Ltd. have announced the biggest wind power purchase ever in the U.S. The project will produce 1500 megawatts of wind power (enough to power about 650 homes in SCE's service area at once), twice that of the biggest U.S. wind farm and equal to a large coal or nuclear plant. In fact, the power produced from this farm alone will be about the same as the total wind power in the U.S. just seven years ago.

The farm is planned for 50 square miles in the Tehachapi area of southern California. The first turbines should be up and running by 2011, and SCE has a transmission project proposed for the area to move the power from this large wind farm and others.

California's progressive renewable energy and global warming legislation is continuing to spur renewable energy development. Already, 17% of SCE's electricity comes from a mix of renewable sources. The company delivers more kilowatt-hours of renewable energy per year than any other U.S. utility.

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