Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Drum roll please: Introducing...Green Options!

Exciting news: I've joined a great team of talented writers and business folks at Green Options, a brand spankin' new site dedicated to helping people explore how to make their lives more environmentally and economically sustainable and all-around more enjoyable.

Green Options will include blogs, discussion forums, and - best of all - practical tools to help you decide whether solar energy is right for your home or business. Other folks on board include David Anderson from Citizen Green (Founder and Chief Executive Officer), Shea Gunther (Founder and Chief Technology Officer), and Jeff McIntire-Strasburg of sustainablog (Senior Editor and Content Director).

I'll be on the blog end of Green Options, and the blogs there will be about all sorts of topics: Politics, business and investment, biofuels, green love (I'm particularly interested to see what that one's about) and renewable energy, to name just a few. Coverage of renewable energy news will be split into California-specific news and the national scene. I'll be blogging daily about national happenings, and look forward to seeing all of you over there as well.

We're testing the Green Options beta version now, so if you're interested in being one of our test users, email Jeff or Shea and get hooked up. To be notified of the public launch in February, sign up for an email. We're all anti-spam, so no worries about us selling your name to that one king who needs to transfer money.

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