Monday, January 29, 2007

New wind turbine design claims high efficiency

Found this cool new innovation over at Treehugger. British Design Innovation (BDI) has unveiled a new, super efficient wind turbine called the Stormblade Turbine.

The Stormblade claims to be 70% efficient, nearly double the efficiency of most modern turbines, and claims to be operational with winds of just 7 mph - very weak wind in the wind power world.

As you can see from the graphic, the design of the new turbine has no giant blades revolving around the cone, making them even less of a hazard to wildlife (although they're hardly a hazard now) and perhaps making them less easy to spot from the shoreline so those folks in Cape Cod won't mind them. The propeller blades and all other moving parts housed in the nacelle, making the turbines even quieter than they already are.

Because the turbines are gearless, BDI claims that the design will need less maintenance than traditional turbines. The company is still looking for investors and industrial partners, but hopes to have the design on the marking within the next two years.

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Stilgar said...

It sounds like such a good idea, but from a technical aspect i think the people claiming this invention might need to freshen up on the laws of physics. See here in the comment section for a pretty good run down.

PS. thanks for linking to my blog, yours is very nice as well.