Wednesday, January 10, 2007

The unlikeliest of global warming messengers?

Thanks to my husband, Joram, for finding this one: From the testosterone-saturated, chest-pounding world of WWE wrestling (formerly WWF) comes a message about global warming. No kidding.

Smackdown commentator John Bradshaw Layfield (JBL) recently visited Antarctica to learn more about the impacts of global warming and to figure out for himself whether it is a natural phenomenon or caused by humans:

“I wanted to see the continent and get firsthand knowledge of global warming because there is such a divergence of opinion about what is really going on in our environment.”

The former WWE Champion explains that humans are causing the warming of the planet with excess CO2 emissions. And although extinct polar bears and melting ice caps are scary, the real hardship for humans will be the economic and social impacts of fighting for scarcer resources like water.

"To invest in this world – in any type of energy – you’ve got to know about global warming...I’m not against oil. I’m not against the internal combustible engine car. I’m just saying we’ve got to be smarter with what we’re burning... [The U.S. government] has to start being responsible stewards for our environment.”
Taking the consequences of global warming seriously, explains JBL, is only way the United States can remain a global economic leader:
"I don’t mean to sound like a leftist tree-hugger, but this is simply the fact.”


RemyC said...

What's WRONG with being a leftist tree-hugger? Want to make something of it? Come on, put'em up!

softlines king said...

Unless you can make global warming a national security's going to be hard to convince alot of people in the u.s that it's important.