Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Update on largest U.S. wind power purchase

Here's an update to a previous post on the biggest U.S. wind power purchase by Southern California Edison.

The California Independent System Operator (ISO) board of directors gave a hearty thumbs-up to the $1.8 billion transmission expansion in Southern California's Tehachapi area. The transmission is needed to link the wind power to area load centers.

The project will on online in phases, with the complete project online in 2013. Besides wind, the transmission will also carry solar and geothermal power on its wires. According to the American Wind Energy Association, ISO Board Chair Mason Willirch explained that the transmission lines

“will provide substantial benefits to Californians for many years to come through reduced crowding on area power lines, enhanced grid reliability in the region, and enabling development of a new region with large wind and other renewable energy resources."

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