Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Give your Valentine the planet!

Thanks to reader Andy for sending along this tip on a really great project he's working on. It's not about a business that's doing something interesting with renewable energy, but it is definitely is innovative and fits today's theme.

Tree-Nation is an organization that aims to plant 8 million trees in Niger, Africa in the shape of a huge heart to combat deforestation and global warming. Visitors to Tree-Nation's site can buy trees for themselves or gift them to others for milestones such as weddings and new babies, or even to advertise a business.

Purchasers of a tree plant it on a virtual map and then a real tree will be planted in the same spot at the park in Niger. There are four different types of trees to choose from, including different forms of acacia, a palm tree, or the towering baobab.

The trees even have their own blogs and profiles so you can interact with the folks who bought the trees or the recipient of tree gift.

Since the project launched late last year, 325 trees have been planted - so they have a ways to go. But even if you don't want to buy a tree, the site is worth checking out just for the cool mapping technology.Tree-Nation is affiliated with the United Nations Environment Programme's
Billion Tree campaign, whose mission is to plant a billion trees worldwide by the end of 2007 to fight deforestation and raise awareness of global warming.


NIGER1.COM said...

TREE PLANTING IN NIGER are you involved with the tree planting
hello i am frm Niger and i heard about the tree nation plan to plant three in Niger do you work with the organisation ?
I am commenting your blog but really you know not too many people do it
I own a very crowded Niger website i suggested the tree-nation to advertise on my site like this
but instead they are making google richer by advertising with google
IF YOU KNOW call him and tell him to give a banner posting on a try after all this is about Niger no

lornadoone said...

You know, I've seen this mentioned on several blogs, but yours is the first post that actually explained what they were doing. Thanks so much - I'm loving the idea now that I understand it.