Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Kids: Tell your parents you need a Wii to fight global warming

Energy efficiency probably doesn't cross the minds of gamers while they're immersed in World of Warcraft, Mario Kart, or Halo. But a review of gaming consoles' energy efficiency may plant that seed in your head.

A Canadian-based website called hardCOREware.net provides readers with in-depth reviews on consumer electronics.
Their most recent review is of the energy efficiency of gaming: PCs vs. Microsoft XBox vs. Nintendo Wii vs. Sony PlayStation 3.

The result: the Nintendo Wii takes the cake hands-down when it comes to energy efficiency. It uses about 18 watts of energy while being played, compared to about 200 watts of the other consoles. The Wii beats out the competitors in the amount of energy it uses in idle mode, also. Check out the full review for more details.

via Green Options, Engadget

Image source: hardCOREware.net

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