Wednesday, February 21, 2007

MN is first state to sign Great Lakes Compact

Sorry to still be on the Minnesota theme, although you have to admit that we're on a roll. I'm wiped out tonight, but here's explanation of the Compact from the Minnesota Environmental Partnership:
  • Set environmental standards for managing new or increased water withdrawal proposals;
  • Prohibit water diversions out of the basin, with limited exceptions;
  • Establish protection for all the waters of the Great Lakes Basin, including tributary streams, rivers, and groundwater;
  • Direct each state to establish water conservation programs;
  • Establish public participation opportunities; and
  • Preserve the rights of states to enact stronger protections.
The Compact is the culmination of a multi-year process of negotiations among the eight Great Lakes States and two Canadian Provinces. In order to take effect, the Compact must be adopted by all eight Great Lakes States, and consented to by the U.S. Congress. Each Great Lakes state is expected to introduce legislation before the year ends to endorse the Compact. The Council of Great Lakes Governors endorsed the Compact in December 2005.

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