Saturday, February 24, 2007

Prius as power supply?

I'm not normally blogging on a Saturday night, but I'm snowed/iced/winded in. On a better note, I found an interesting tidbit from an old Wired magazine lying around the house:

In a "How to" guide on ways to pimp your digital life, there's a blurb on how to turn a Toyota Prius into a backup generator that can run your home's appliances for a few days if the power goes out. Here are the basics for the mildly interested. If you're a serious Prius-er, check out Wired:
  • Attach a 2-foot heavy-gauge cable to the relay terminals on the hybrid's "traction" battery. Put a heavy-duty, 75-amp plug-style connector to the other end.
  • Build a new circuit box: Wire the essentials appliances (refrigerator, etc) to a separate breaker box.
  • Connect the car to the house with some wires and loops and plugs and such - I don't even want to pretend to know what I'm talking about here, so check out the original article if you're interested.
For more details on the Prius as a power supply, check out

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