Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Renewable energy woos investors

At Piper Jaffray's second annual conference on investment opportunities in renewable energy, executives lobbied investors to push more funds their way. With costs continuing to drop rapidly, the renewable energy sector continues to remain red hot.

In particular, the cost of solar energy has come down with further advancements in technology. The President of Renewable Energy Corporation explained that his company will cut silicon costs by 70 percent in the next three years by using less of the material and using higher efficiency solar cells. Other technology breakthroughs include Applied Materials' design of solar panels that are four times larger than current panels, and Sunpower Corporation's design of a solar panels worked into the normal design of a home, like in place of roofing tiles.

Some sectors of renewable energy are more volatile, like ethanol. However DuPont has declared that could have cellulosic ethanol - the kind of ethanol made from more efficient plant materials, instead of corn - ready for commercial use by 2010.


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