Monday, February 26, 2007

Solar power donated to New Orleans

Sharp Electronics is donating solar energy systems to residents of New Orleans. The company worked with several local organizations and businesses like the Holy Cross Neighborhood Association, the Louisiana Department of Natural Resources, and Williams Architects to select 10 residents who will get solar power installed on their homes. From Renewable Energy Access:
New Orleans stands to benefit from energy-producing housing that could save thousands of dollars on operating costs for financially strapped homeowners, jump-start a new industry, build a much needed renewable energy infrastructure and reduce the emissions that cause global warming.
The systems will be installed this week, with the Sharp Solar Energy Solutions Group Vice President on hand for a ribbon-cutting ceremony. Besides helping to cut global warming emissions, supporters also hope that solar power will help jump start a new industry in New Orleans and save residents money.

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Solar Power said...

Very good news about getting solar energy systems in New Orleans. The climate there is so hot, that implementing of such systems is very necessary. It will help a lot to people. And looking at this example, we can see that in other places it also can be done.