Monday, February 19, 2007

Warner Music gets a bit greener

Warner Music Group (WMG) recently announced that all of its CD and DVDs sold in the U.S. will use environmentally friendly paper packaging by the end of March. The paper will contain post-consumer recycled fibers, not originate from clear-cut timber, and not made with pulping caustic that contains toxic mercury.

WMG has been working with the National Resources Defense Council (NRDC) on several environmental initiatives, including increasing its use of recycled-content paper, converting a significant amount of its paper materials to electronic format, and promoting recycling.

WEA Corp. is the sales and distribution company for WMG and is responsible for the paper packaging. WEA's President and CEO, John
Esposito, told Market Wire:

"Environmentally responsible behavior is good for corporate America: it's smart ecology and smart economics...And it strengthens employee morale...There is no downside to being friendly to the planet."

But using more sustainable materials for packaging is just the first step. The second phase will include a review of WMG's global warming pollution and formulating a plan to cut emissions. Their post-Grammy party this year was even carbon neutral. WMG plans to continue offsetting its carbon emissions for all large-scale company events and even include ecological standards for vendor and contractor activities.

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