Thursday, March 01, 2007

Can you make energy efficiency exciting?

A problem I've discussed before is the relative boring nature of energy efficiency. It's not as apparently innovative or exciting as solar panels that make your meter spin backwards or a majestic wind turbine.

But check out this fun contest over at EE/RE Investing that is dealing with that very problem. Tom Konrad explains that Fortune and CNNMoney columnist Marc Gunther has had a difficult times writing headlines about energy efficiency that will grab a reader's attention.
So Tom is asking blog visitors to come up with an attention grabbing headline for a story on energy efficiency (watch out for the wonkiness!).

You can submit your entry via the comments field. The best entries will be posted on the EE/RE Investing on Sunday, March 5th and the ultimate winner will receive a Kill-a-Watt appliance tester or a half hour investment consultation with Tom. Good luck!

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