Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Cleantech investors like solar, ethanol

A survey of venture capitalists and other financial investors found that solar power is believed to be the largest, most likely renewable energy source by 2020.

The survey, conducted at the Cleantech Forum XII last month by the investment firm Jefferies & Company, also found that 75 percent of attendees surveyed believe President Bush's target for the U.S. to consume 35 billion gallons of ethanol and other alternative transportation fuels by 2017 -- up from 5 billion today -- is attainable. Some analysts don't.

On the issue of solar, Jeffrey Bencik, Vice President and Equity Research Analyst at Jefferies, told Renewable Energy Access:

"Given that hydropower represents a much greater percentage of global energy supplies today than does solar, the survey results imply robust growth forecasts for solar energy among conference participants. To surpass hydro by 2020, solar would need to grow faster than 30 percent per year, and that assumes hydro-generated power remains flat. While wind is expected to grow quickly as well, solar remains the more attractive investment because of the higher growth rate, better profit margins and, at least in the US, a wide range of investment options, including both traditional manufacturing and potentially game-changing technologies."

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Unknown said...

I love solar power I think over the next few years it's going to be exploding even more... as performance of solar panels goes up people are going to be adopting it everywhere they can... after all it's free energy :) BTW here is more solar power information -> Solar Power