Friday, March 02, 2007

Fight global warming from your desktop?

A company called Uniblue is well-known for its very cool website called Process Library that shows you "the exact nature and purpose of any and every single process that is - or should not be - running on your PC." But now, like so many other businesses big and small, it's joined the fight against global warming.

Introducing, a site where you can download a free application that automatically optimizes your PC power consumption by using a more effective power save mode. And for you Type A personalities out there, you watch your energy savings in realtime, even calculating the savings into terms of number of trees saved, gasoline left at the pump, or electricity saved.

But does it really save anything? Uniblue claims that a company with 100 computers could save up to $2,000 a year in energy costs by downloading Local Cooling. I downloaded the application a few days ago and so far I've saved nearly 2 kilowatt hours of electricity, which translates into almost one-tenth of a gallon of gas or nine one-hundredths of a tree.

I'd be very interested to hear from folks who have used this product for awhile, and what sort of savings they've seen.

via Small Biz Resource

Update: When LocalCooling put my computer into hibernate mode, it beeped several times for about a minute or two. This happened so often that, after nearly three weeks, it drove me crazy and I removed the program. I'm now on the lookout for quieter application to optimize my PC's power.

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