Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Greening Las Vegas

You can make money in Vegas - by ripping out your lawn.

The Las Vegas Valley Water District pays residents $2 for every square foot of grass they remove and replace with desert landscaping.
The agency reports that several millions of square feet have already been taken out.

Las Vegas seems to be on a roll with renewable energy.
The city gets 300,000 acre feet of water each year from Lake Mead and reclaims more than 200,000 acre feet. City agencies are experimenting with hydrogen-powered vehicles and are putting a heavy emphasis on solar power. Nevada law says that utilities must get 15 percent of their electricity from renewables by 2015.

Next month, Acciona Solar will begin pumping power out of Nevada Solar One, a solar thermal plant with 184,000 mirrors arranged to focus the sun's energy on a metal tube filled with oil that's encased in specialized glass. The sun heats the oil to 750 degrees Fahrenheit and then the oil gets transferred to a heat exchanger where it makes steam, cranks a turbine, and makes electricity. The plant will produce enough power for 15,000 homes or 22,000 hotel rooms, said an Acciona spokesman. Check out a few photos here.



GerryWolff said...

Further information about concentrating solar power (CSP) may be found at:



Dugdale said...

I always wondered why home owners in a desert have lawns.