Saturday, March 24, 2007

A solar-powered Wii

Speaking from an energy geek point-of-view (but not a gaming geek one), I think the Nintendo Wii is the coolest gaming system out there. First, we find out it's the most energy efficient of the consoles. Now, it can be solar-powered.

The guys over at
TwitchGuru put an HD monitor on a cart with wheels, put a Wii and battery inside, and got a solar panel that draws about 20 watts of electricity. Unfortunately, they only get around 10 percent of the total energy needed to run the machine, but the solar panel does supply a fairly continuous flow of power to the battery, which prolongs the playing time: about 6-8 hours in full sunlight. The whole project cost less than $1500. Check out the demonstration video.

Maybe instead of college Frisbee games in the spring, we'll be seeing students rolling out their Wiis...

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