Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Clean Energy News Quick Clicks

  • Evergreen Solar, Inc. , a manufacturer of solar power products with its proprietary, low-cost String Ribbon(TM) wafer technology, today announced a major extension of its sales agreement with SunEdison. The extension increases the total value of the contract to over $510 million, boosting the total value of Evergreen sales agreements announced in the past 16 months to more than $1 billion. (via Business Wire)

  • Whenever there is a gold rush, the people who make the real money are seldom the gold miners, but rather the suppliers to the miners that come home with the lion's share of the profits. This is not because there is not an incredible amount of money to be made in mining gold, but because the nature of a gold rush is that too many optimistic miners are encouraged by the early profits of a few to rush to pursue too few opportunities. Charles covers who makes the shovels to our proverbial gold miners (solar companies); some of his favorites include Spire Corp (SPIR), Satcon (SATC), and Applied Materials (AMAT): (via AltEnergyStocks)

  • Parenthood convinced Christian Zimmermann that he was right to invest in companies specializing in environmentally friendly technology. The stocks' expensive valuations have not changed his mind. His $466 million Pioneer Global Ecology fund has bought Repower Systems AG, a wind turbine maker, and Conergy AG, Germany's largest solar-power company. Zimmerman says his goals are twofold: to make the world greener for two-year-old Jonas and two-month-old Felix, and to score returns for his investors. (via Bloomberg Europe)

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