Monday, April 02, 2007

Mexican wrestler fights for healthy people, clean environment

WWE's JBL tackled global warming earlier this year, and now it looks like another professional wrestler has jumped into the ring to clean up the environment.

Mexican wrestler El Hijo del Santo is taking on the battle of cleaning up Baja California.
By working with the nonprofit organization Wildcoast, the star - who, in the tradition of Mexican wrestling, always masks his face - just toured the Tijuana slum of Canyon de los Laureles, where Wildcoast has found that 75 percent of people who swim in the ocean nearby have had some sort of health problem, such as intestinal and skin diseases.

El Hijo del Santo visited a local lagoon in the community of San Ignacio, where global warming has reduced the lagoon's food supply and threatens the gray whales that mate and give birth there. He also met with school children to teach them the importance of taking care of the earth.

El Hijo del Santo (his father was "El Santo," or The Saint - a legendary wrestler) plans on returning to San Ignacio to take on a group of wrestlers disguised as environmental enemies like "the Pirate who Robbed Turtle Eggs" and "SewageMan."

Photo source: Hijo del Santo

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