Sunday, May 06, 2007

Clean Energy Quick Clicks

Budweiser has teamed up with the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation to promote renewable energy. In fact, they're awarding a $100,000 Renewable Energy and Wildlife Conservation Research Prize this fall. The competition is looking for "a single innovative project that cultivates new technologies or practices that demonstrate renewable energy's practicality while considering wildlife and their natural habitats. via the Sietch Blog.
  • The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has a new website that makes it easier for individuals and businesses to find energy information, from partnership opportunities with the EPA to energy efficient appliances.
  • Senator John Thune (R-SD) introduced the Wind Energy Development Act of 2007 which would, among other things, extend the production tax credit (PTC) for wind power through 2012. Currently it's set to expire in 2008. The PTC's constant expiration and renewal by lawmakers has caused the "boom-and-bust" cycle for wind power. Wind power investors and supporters argue that extending the PTC through 2012 would give the industry a consistent and reliable economic incentive and encourage more investment and production.


Joe Richardson said...

Pomeroy of North Dakota did the same thing four months earlier back on January 4th (H.R. 196). It has 106 cosponsors in the house and it extends to 2012 as well. Kind of wish that Thune would have gone for 2017 or 2020.... We should all be letting Senator Thune know what a 20% federal renewable electricity standard would do for South Dakota's wind -- a lot more than the Production Tax Credit. Unfortunately not even Congresswoman Herseth of South Dakota nor Congressman Pomeroy of North Dakota have dared join the dozens backing that legislation. Coal doesn't cotton to "mandated" renewable standards.

Maria Surma Manka said...

Thanks for your insight, Joe. Wow - how disappointing that Congresswoman Herseth won't support federal clean energy goals.