Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Murdoch Wants News Corp Carbon Neutral

Media mogul Rupert Murdoch has ordered his News Corp empire to become the planet's biggest champion for the environment. According to the United Kingdom paper, the Independent:
"He is making the whole of his worldwide operations carbon neutral and setting out to 'educate and engage' his readers and viewers about global warming.

He believes his companies' 'global reach' presents 'an unprecedented opportunity to raise awareness and to stimulate action around the world.' A former sceptic who confesses to having been 'somewhat wary of the warming debate', he laid on his first global webcast for all his employees on Wednesday to tell them that he was changing 'the DNA of our business.' He added that he had started with himself, buying a hybrid car."

British Prime Minister Tony Blair and former US Vice President Al Gore are believed to have played a large role in Murdoch's enthusiasm. His own son, James, took his company British Sky Broadcasting (BSkyB) carbon neutral a year ago.

Murdoch wants News Corp carbon neutral by 2010. He plans on solar-powered golf carts to carry people around the Fox film lot, wants to build environmentally friendly studios, use renewable energy, and replace the company fleets with hybrids. For the dirty power that he must continue to use, he plans to offset the remaining global warming pollution by financing wind power in India.

This campaign is meant to inspire others to make changes in their own lives, but Murdoch plans on weaving the message into his films, TV productions and news operations. MySpace is launching a channel devoted to climate change and Fox television is developing a "solutions-based campaign."

His campaign could be particularly effective because of his strong and influential business operations in the US, China and India - the three most critical nations that must tackle climate change.

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