Friday, May 11, 2007

St. Pete is Florida's First "Green City"

Here's a city with a thoughtful plan, innovative citizens, and a stable of technology to make a cleaner future for itself in the 21st century.

St. Petersburg may sit next to the blue Gulf of Mexico, but the city has turned green. Its breadth of eco-initiatives and sustainable development planning have earned it the title of Florida’s first official “Green City.”

The Florida Green Building Coalition (FGBC) developed the criteria that deems a city "green." The FGBC examines a city’s performance and planning in the areas of energy, water, air, land, and waste. Some of St. Pete’s initiatives include:

  • A city fleet that includes biodiesel and hybrid vehicles
  • One of the nation’s largest reclaimed water systems
  • Land conservation
  • Environmental education events
  • Popular recycling and yard waste-to-mulch programs
  • Extensive bike trail system
  • Energy efficiency measures

Ken Shapiro, a FGBC Board member, explained:

"St. Petersburg has emerged as a leader in the state in developing sound programs to ensure the sustainability of its community in the near and long-term future. Especially considering St. Petersburg's location in the state's most densely populated county, the strides the city continues to make in enhancing the environment are admirable and a great example for other cities in the state to follow."

The Green City designation is yet another feather in the city’s green cap. The St. Pete Vision 2020 is an extensive plan, developed by citizens, that identifies values like sustainability, healthy families, education, and transportation, and gives the community a set of goals and objectives to reach these ideals. This long-term vision, combined with real, measurable initiatives, has set a high bar for cities across the nation.

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Anonymous said...

It's nice to have the greenery place surrounding us. This is a very good example to act and follow to as it gives more fresh air around that place.