Sunday, June 03, 2007

Clean Energy Quick Clicks

Duke Energy just announced its purchase of Tierra Energy, a leading wind power developer based in Texas, for an undisclosed amount. The purchase includes more than 1,000 megawatts of wind power in development in the western and southwestern U.S.
  • ExxonMobil's shareholder meeting last week saw many investors upset about the company's lack of leadership on global warming solutions. It was a central topic of discussion, and a surprising 31 percent of shareholders voted for a proposal that the company adopt goals to cut its global warming emissions. Exxon CEO Rex Tillerson denied claims that the company was working to mislead the public on the causes of global warming.
  • Texas A&M University has partnered with Chevron to explore converting non-food crops into biofuels. According to AgNews, the research initiatives will focus on the technology needed to produce biofuels, including:
    • Identifying, assessing, and cultivating production of second-generation energy feedstocks for cellulose and bio-oils, focusing especially on non-food crops.
    • Characterizing and optimizing the design of dedicated bioenergy crops through advances in genomic sciences and plant breeding.
    • Developing integrated logistics systems associated with the harvest, transport, storage and conversion of bioenergy crops.
    • Developing advanced biofuels processing technologies.
  • The California Senate just passed a bill that will fix an unintended flaw in the Million Solar Roofs legislation passed last year. The problem is related to a statutory requirement for Time of Use rates for customers who install solar energy systems. The solution lets the CA Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) temporarily change the rate structure for solar systems installed since January 1, 2007. The legislation also allows the CPUC to offer rebates or credits to ratepayers impacted by the current rate structure. All of this must be signed into law by June 6, 2007 so the CPUC can take action at its next regularly scheduled meeting. Next stop for the bill is the Assembly and then on to a supportive Gov. Schwarzenegger for approval.

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