Thursday, July 26, 2007

More Maria Energia Recommendations

You should be reading these other great websites I've discovered:
  •'s Seeing Green blog has all sorts of news on the clean energy sector, green businesses, and mainstream businesses that are trying to be greener. It's an informative, easy-to-read site.
  • The Futures Channel - a site with educational videos on all sorts of topics - has a great video called "Wind Farming." Even though it's nearly 6 minutes, it had me awed and struck by the massive wind turbines and the power they generate. The components of a turbine are explained, as well as how wind farms are sited.
  • VideoJug is a site with videos that Or many aspects of it anyway, from cooking to pets to buying a car. My favorite "channel" is the Environment channel. They've got short, to-the-point videos like "What is global warming?" or "How is the green business sector viewed by Wall Street?" (view below, explained by Terry Tamminen, energy strategist and former member Schwarzenegger's administration). Check out VideoJug and learn something relevant.

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