Sunday, July 29, 2007

Solar Power Project Make AmEx Contest's Final Five

Back in June I posted about American Express' "Members Project," a contest where cardmembers submit project ideas on how to make the world better. For every cardmember that registers at the site (either with a project or just to vote), AmEx will donate $1 towards the winning idea, up to a max of $5 million dollars. So, if 4 million people register, the project gets $4 million.

The top 5 projects were recently announced and one is in the renewable energy category. The project idea is to create a small solar power unit that would be simple and small enough to use in any home. Read the full description or vote here.

The winner will be announced August 7.

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Anonymous said...

I observe this solar power project and I think using of solar power at home is very good idea. In hot countries there is a lot of sun and to use its energy would be very efficient.