Saturday, August 25, 2007

Clean Energy Quick Clicks

Best Buy announced that beginning in 2008, all of its new stores will be "green." That means more energy-efficient lighting, rainwater recycling, and greener building materials.

  • More financial products that invest in climate change firms are available to investors in Singapore.
  • Thanks to Jon over at Loon Commons for this one: A solar powered coffee roaster at the Beer Activist's Blog. The Solar Roast Coffee company can roast beans three pounds at time, but hope to build a bigger system able to roast 30 pounds at once.
  • I knew him when he wasn't cool: A shout-out to my friend and old boss, Michael Noble, who was named one of Minnesota's "25 People on the Cutting Edge of Cool by Minnesota Monthly. Noble and the clean energy policy organization Fresh Energy were critical in getting a Renewable Energy Standard passed in Minnesota, energy efficiency legislation, and a plan to fight global warming. Thanks to them, it was a banner year for clean energy here in Minnesota.

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Anonymous said...

In the EU there is currently a wind energy revolution going on.
Germany has increased their use of Wind energy in 2006 by some 26%!
This is a superb example that deserves following by all nations.