Thursday, September 13, 2007

Clean Energy Quick Clicks

The creators of the Swiss SMART car have created a vehicle called SAM that emits nothing and runs on three wheels. And I'd have to agree with the folks over at Groovy Green: It definitely looks like a grasshopper.

  • Doug Williams over at No 1203 blog writes a great analysis of a recent Business Week article about venture capitalists' enthusiasm for the U.S. cleantech sector.
  • The Bahrain World Trade Center is getting wind turbines! According to Hank over at EcoGeek, it's the first skyscraper ever to have integrated wind turbines.
  • Here's a follow-up to my earlier post about American Express' Members Project contest for cardholders to submit ideas to make the world a better place: The American Solar Energy Society was awarded $100,000 for their 3rd place finish with the "Wind and Solar for Residential" project. The 1st place winner was UNICEF, which received $2 million dollars for its mission to bring clean drinking water to millions of children in the developing world. Projects were voted on by cardholders.
  • MSNBC has a good update on the opportunities and challenges of companies that do business in wind power, solar power, and ethanol. Wind power is on the rise, solar power is following a ways behind, and ethanol will be transformed by more efficient fuel sources.

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