Monday, October 15, 2007

Deadwood Trip: "#1 Minnesotans"

The trip to Deadwood, SD was fabulous. Joram and I drove out - I was hoping to catch some views of all the wind turbines in southeastern MN, but we passed through that area in the dark both going out and coming back. I did spot two wind turbines in South Dakota though (which lags far behind the rest of the Upper Midwest in wind power production). See if you can spot them in the picture.

We'd already been to most of the tourist traps like Wall Drug and the Corn Palace, but we did make a stop at 1880s Town, which was a lot of fun to see all the authentic old buildings, tools, etc.

Deadwood was definitely lacking in the good eating establishment category (and we looked, believe me). The best meal we had was at the Deadwood Social Club, above the Saloon No. 10. Super delicious.

(That's us with Wild Bill Hickok)

We even
made friends with our waitress, Michelle (that's us in the photo), and the couple having dinner next to us. The couple gave us the rest of their bottle of wine because they didn't like it and so we bought them shots in return, and were from then on declared to be "The #1 Minnesotans." The woman, Mary, also insisted that Minnesotans have "the best mothers."

Deadwood is apparently still full of lively characters!

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