Monday, December 17, 2007

Global Warming Solution: Stop Ogling Guys in Ferraris, Ladies

This news bit comes from my "Slightly Amusing, Mostly Obnoxious" file on global warming solutions.

A chief scientist for the British government, Sir David King, said that women can help solve global warming by not admiring guys who drive fast cars (I didn't know guys had lost their willpower when it came to decision making...huh...must be the women's fault then).

According to Wired, King has been credited with pushing global warming to the forefront of the British government's agenda, but is now getting slammed with his most recent comments:

I was asked at a lecture by a young woman about what she could do and I told her to stop admiring young men in Ferraris. ... What I was saying is that you have got to admire people who are conserving energy and not those willfully using it. ... As soon as you come to the individual, however, they will buy a Ferrari, not because it is cheap to run or has low carbon dioxide emissions, but because young women think it is sexy to see men driving Ferraris. That is the area where a culture change is needed.
Peter Everingham, secretary of the Ferrari Owners Club, told the Telegraph that "nearly 90 percent" of Ferrari owners are married and so "are not looking to impress women."

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Crafty Green Poet said...

There may be a point in that - even if most Ferrarri drivers are married and not looking to impress women, they must be aware of the looks of admiration and that must have something to do with why they like the car.