Tuesday, February 05, 2008


I just got back from my caucus in East St. Paul. It was way easier and faster than I remember it being four years ago when I last caucused. I walked in - bypassing the loooong line because I knew my ward and precinct - and voted and walked out. Last time I had to sit through a lot of discussion and such but they apparently made some change that allowed us to vote and move on. Smart move.

Now I've got a large glass of wine, CNN on the TV and WCCO AM (Twin Cities talk radio) streaming on my computer. Minnesotans are calling in talking about the 25 minute traffic jam they waited in to vote, only to get there and have to vote on Post-it notes because they ran out of ballots.

Sounds like Obama spent a lot more money than Clinton in Minnesota: Direct mailings, TV commercials and radio spots in particular.

DFL senate candidate Al Franken is in St. Louis Park, MN (where he grew up) talking to caucus goers and Senator Norm Coleman will be on WCCO in about 30 minutes.

Polls close in 2 minutes!

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