Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Maria Energia Energy Stock Portfolio

Today I'm giving a quick update on the Maria Energia Portfolio. This is a collection of stocks in the renewable energy sector that we are watching using the Investopedia Simulator.

As of this writing our top performer is
First Solar (FSLR) that is up 96.80%. Our bottom performer is Sunpower Corp (SPWR) which is down -13.57%. Overall the portfolio is up 32.94% since April 2007 and I am looking to re-balance our holdings in the next month. (The S&P Index is down -5.97% over the same time period)

You can follow the portfolio and all of my moves here.

Do you have any energy plays you'd like to recommend? Please comment!

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Maria Surma Manka said...

As the PTC nears expiration (although the House may vote on it next week), wind power projects tend to slow down. That may be a good time to buy, with the expectation that the industry will pick up once the PTC is renewed again?