Monday, February 25, 2008

Midwest Monday: MN Needs a Transportation Bill

Despite support from environmentalists, the Chamber of Commerce, and a whole host of other groups, the Minnesota legislature struggles to get a transportation bill past Governor Pawlenty's veto. We need roads, transit, BRIDGES!

Last spring, when a transportation bill was being hotly debated between the legislature and the Governor, my father (a rural paving contractor and Republican) asked his state representative "What will it take to get a transportation bill passed?" The legislator replied "An overpass will need to fall down."

Unfortunately, he was wrong: The 35W bridge collapsed a few months later and there's still no agreement.

Lawmakers may attempt to override Pawlenty's veto today.
Here's the latest radio spot urging lawmakers to come up with a solution (from my former employer, the energy organization Fresh Energy).

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