Thursday, February 28, 2008

Restaurant Review: Red Stag Supper Club

My husband Joram and I checked out the Red Stag Supper Club in Minneapolis recently, which has the distinction of being Minnesota's first LEED-certified restaurant. That means it's super energy-efficient, including LED lights, efficient heating and cooling, and recycled construction materials.

We both came away with mixed reviews. The atmosphere was incredibly cozy and warm: Dark woods and dim lights give it a hip supper club feel (more modern than your grandparents'). We ordered the mac n' cheese lobster to start which was AWESOME. I had the seafood stew which was ok...kinda bland. And Joram had the surf and turf: the steak was good but the lobster was really outstanding.

We topped it off (uff) with an apple pie and some coffee. Again, it was pretty good, but not a lot of flavor. I'd give the Red Stag a 7 out of 10 on the food - pretty tasty and unique, but it's not driving me back to eat there again.

The worst part of the experience was that we were never thanked for patronizing the place. Our waitress never said thank you...just gave us back our bill and credit card and walked away. Even as we were leaving, there were two hostesses sitting at the front chatting and we walked right by and made eye contact with them...nothing. I actually started wondering whether we had offended them by using a gift certificate, because the service had been really exceptional up until that point. It's a bad feeling when it's the last impression you leave the place with.

So - taking into consideration the fabulous ambiance and pretty good food - I'd say check out the Red Stag Supper Club if you haven't yet. Just don't expect a "thank you" for it.

Final rating: OK

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