Monday, March 31, 2008

Light Bulb Freedom of Choice Act. Seriously.

Minnesota Congresswoman Michele Bachmann has introduced the "Light Bulb Freedom of Choice Act." I feel so protected!

She's a global warming denier and wants the government to prove that compact fluorescent lightbulbs (CFLs) will lead to real savings in energy costs, cut carbon dioxide emissions and not be bad for people's health before it promotes them.

President Bush actually signed an energy bill last year that included the phase-in of super efficient light bulbs by 2012.

Check out MNPublius' great take on the absurdity.


Trishah said...

For me it is a health concern. As a person who can not work in fluorescent lighting I think it's terribly unfair for my government to pass legislature that will make it even MORE difficult for me to get compensation for my disability in the workplace. Also, it will force me to stockpile a lite times worth of incandescents or be forced to buy "black market" bulbs.

There are plenty of ways to save energy without impinging on my health.

Also, where are most of the fluorescent bulbs we use in the US manufactured? China. And with their lack-luster environmental record must essentially wipe out any good the bulbs do.

Anonymous said...

The bulb ban is total and complete bullshit! This gov't is going too far with this. There are many many problems with CFLs. They contain mercury. They give off radiation. They are bad for your eyesight. They are bad for your skin. They are bad for your well being. It costs $2000.00 to call Hazmat to clean it up when you break a bulb in your house! It costs money to recycle them. People will not recycle. They will throw them away in the regular garbage. The bulbs will pollute landfills and groundwater! Think about what you are doing here! What will they ban next? Vitamin C? They have tried to do that in the past. As an American Citizen I WANT A CHOICE in a light bulb! I WANT TO CHOOSE FOR MYSELF WHAT IS BEST FOR ME!!!!! I do not want the GOV'T TO DECIDE WHAT IS BEST FOR ME! I have a brain and can think unlike many in congress! I want them out of my pocket! Taxes are ridiculous! Everyone should know by now that all of the planets in the solar system are warming up slightly. (check the NASA website) The inhabitants of earth are not causing the other planets to warm! It is all complete and total bull! You are all brainwashed to think what they want you to think! Turn off the TV and think for yourself!!!!!!!