Monday, March 10, 2008

Midwest Monday: Minneapolis Mayor's Plug-In Hybrid Still Going Strong

Last fall, Minneapolis Mayor RT Rybak became the first mayor in the United States to drive a plug-in hybrid car.

Several months later, the car is still going strong: The Mayor plugs it in once a day to a regular 120-volt outlet and the car gets almost 80 miles to the gallon in city driving (city driving, with its slower speeds, lets the car rely on the battery for power, while on the highway it needs the hybrid motor and gas).

Check out a great video of the mayor explaining his pimped out car at


Science News said...

Hybrid technology is in. More efficient batteries are being installed in these cars which will allow for even greater fuel economy and mileage.

I'm glad he is setting a good example for his town.

Anonymous said...

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