Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Restaurant Review: The Strip Club

I asked my husband, Joram, to go to the Strip Club the other week. Before he could break out the dollar bills, though, I had to explain that it's a hip and happenin' new steak and fish place in East St. Paul (which sorely needs some classy dining, btw).

Besides the excitement of it being in my St. Paul neighborhood, I read a great review from food blogger
Aaron Landry. That sealed the deal.

The Strip Club's decor is super cozy: It's a long and narrow room, with deep brown woods and dim lighting. There's a tight spiral staircase to your left as you walk in the door, and you can see up into the very tiny balcony area that has additional seating. The owner (?) met us as we walked in the door to warn us of a tripping hazard related to a curtain set up to block the horrendous wind blowing in when customers did.

I ordered a Pink Lady for my first drink: gin, cream, kirsch and egg white. It was ok. Next I ordered a Thunderbird, an amaretto drink. It was fantastic.

Did I mentioned the gorgeous view overlooking St. Paul? It's gorgeous.

The Strip Club's beef is grass-fed and hormone free. My favorite line on the menu: "Vegetarians regarded with benevolent amusement." We had walleye fritters (awesome), grilled meat on a stick (pretty good) and salumi (tied for best food of the night). Salumi, I learned, is a plate of honey, meat, bread and cheese. Omg it was divine.

For our main course we split the Swede Hollow Swedish Meatballs, which tied the salumi for the best dish of the night. Incredibly flavorful and tender, and the lingonberries were a perfectly sweet compliment, not sour at all.

For dessert...we had a flourless chocolate cake. It was tasty and not overly rich. But I'm a savory gal and not a sweet one, so desserts are rarely that memorable to me. The meatballs and the salumi concoction were definitely the highlight of the night. I could go back tomorrow.

Final rating: YUM!


Anonymous said...
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K and/or K said...

I too live on the East Side and am so thankful for a great place like this to come our way! I stopped in for a small plate and a glass of wine this week and was wowed. I will be back for the food, killer view, and friendly staff.