Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Funny Thing About That Earth Day...

I was just reading the always educational or entertaining (or both) It's Not a Lecture by David Wescott, and he mentions Maria Energia as a place to find out what to do on Earth Day.

Now I'm rather embarrassed that I didn't post a darn thing about what to do on Earth Day.

I guess I feel like it's all been done before. There are a million lists out there that say "Replace your incandescents with CFLs, buy local food, lobby your elected officials, buy the most fuel efficient car you can..." so I'm confused when people say "what else can I do?" There are so many things TO do!

But one of the most important tools we miss is our wallet. Supporting companies that are truly doing great things for the environment, for clean energy, for efficiency - they've earned our money and we should be using the capitalist machine to patronize them.

So there's my Earth Day recommendation - made at 10:48 p.m: Buy stuff and services from green companies. You'll have to decide yourself which companies are green enough for you, but here are some resources:

The State of Green Business 2008
20 Green Companies Set to Change the World
10 Green Giants


Anonymous said...

I know! He had me, too, and I felt the same thing. I didn't do much for Earth Day because it's all so busy -- hard to cut through the clutter.

The State of Green Business is a good report, nice suggestion ...

Philip Proefrock said...

My son (3-1/2) was looking over my shoulder when I had this article up, and he exclaimed, "That's our planet!"

Maria Surma Manka said...

That is _adorable_ Philip! :)

Anonymous said...

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