Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Green Business Loop

Tons of stuff going on with biz and renewable energy lately. Here's the latest:

  • Renewable Energy Systems (RES) has bought a solar thermal company called Future Heating Ltd. RES is a multi-national wind developer but wants to expand its reach to other renewable technologies. Now that it has Future Heating, it can offer biomass, ground-source heating and cooling, solar PV and solar thermal technologies to customers looking for on-site clean energy. via Renewable Energy World
  • The Tennessee Valley Authority has pledged to cut its carbon emissions and get more than half of the agency's power needs from renewables, nukes and coal by 2020. The federal utility also plants to invest $1 billion in energy efficiency, with the hopes of cutting demand the equivalent of one nuclear reactor. via Forbes
  • An Irish company called Wavebob that builds wave power devices is opening a U.S. headquarters in Annapolis. Wavebob chose the city because of the depth of maritime technology expertise in the area. But according to the Baltimore Sun, the East Coast isn't considered ideal for wave energy development because of the winds. Currently, wave testing in the U.S. is being done on the West Coast. But maybe Wavebob can get a jump start.
  • This last bit of green business news doesn't feature a company solely about energy, but the monster inside of me that will stop-at-nothing-to-find-a-deal really digs this new website. The company is called EcoBunga! and it's a compilation of green deals and discounts from all over the web, like a sweepstakes to win a hybrid car (I entered) or coupons for organic foods. This is awesome for anyone who wants to buy green but may be feeling the pinch of the economy, or who just wants a good deal. And green businesses with eco-friendly products can post their deals for free. Check out EcoBunga.

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