Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Maria Energia Hits the Road for Renewables

I'm going to be on the road this next week at two interesting events. If any of you are also attending, drop me a line and let's meet up:
  • This Thursday I'll be live blogging and Twittering from the Chevron/Newsweek Dialogue Series at Stanford University. The American Petroleum Institute is sponsoring and financing my trip to attend Energy's Future is in Technology: Innovation in Energy Supply, Energy Efficiency and Alternative/Renewable Energy. I hope to find a lively range of opinions among the panel members, who include Newsweek's L.A. bureau chief (Andrew Murr), Chevron's vice president of strategic planning (Paul Siegele) and a Stanford law professor (David Victor).
    • I'm well aware that in times of record profits, sky high gas prices and global warming, the oil industry needs a cleaner image and this event is part of that effort (read API's blogger call back in April 2007). I'm walking into this discussion with a business perspective: What are these companies doing to diversify their energy sources? What are they telling investors nervous about global warming regulation? How are they preparing for a cleaner, 21st century energy system? I don't expect them to care about the spotted owl but I do expect them to care about their shareholders.
    • By the way, if you have ideas for questions, let me know.
  • June 1 - 4 I'll be live blogging and Twittering from the American Wind Association's WINDPOWER 2008 expo in Houston. AWEA is sponsoring my registration for that event. I'll let you know the latest in wind power and I'm interviewing the U.S. Rural Development Under Secretary Thomas C. Dorr on Monday. If your business or organization is going to be exhibiting, let me know and I'll stop by.


Anonymous said...

I'm curious about any tech that allows for setting up wind energy turbines on a temporary basis (for events, remote worksites, or disaster response).

Is there anything coming up or already availible that makes it easier/cheaper for such short-term needs?


Maria Surma Manka said...

Good question anonymous - I'll keep an eye out for that at the WINDPOWER conference. Thanks!