Monday, May 26, 2008

More Efficient Wind Turbines with Jet Engine Design?

I was browsing Greentech Media and learned about a Massachusetts aerospace company called FloDesign that's developed a new wind turbine design around the concept of a jet engine. This could allow for a more efficient wind turbine that produces two to three times more wind power than typical machines.

How it works: The wind is channeled into a vortex, which spins a fan-like set of blades that help convert the wind into electricity. Basically, the wind is sucked into the turbine, helping it to generate power in low-wind conditions. A prototype is supposed to be up and running in 18 months.

The company won two technology awards this month from MIT, but by the looks of their website, they need some additional tech help: The site's been down for over a week.

Photo credit: FloDesign


Anonymous said...

I wouldn't invest too much money in this concept. Unlike water which is forced through the blades in a hydroelectric turbine, wind has a choice. If the wind turbine presents too much of an obstacle, wind will simply go around the turbine. The barrier that a wind turbine represents is quantified as a measure of 'solidity'. Betz's law proves from first principles that the maximum efficiency a wind turbine can attain is 59%.

chalacuna said...

Thats a good idea, but theres no better way to help preserve the environment by energy conservation.

Well renewable energy by all means of efficient technology still generates carbondioxide and other pollutants.

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