Thursday, June 05, 2008

American Petroleum Institute/Newsweek Energy Dialogue

Since I wrote so many posts from the American Petroleum Institute/Newsweek energy dialogue, I figured they'd be easier to read if I included the links to all the posts in one place:

Part I: Introduction of Panelists
Part II: Venture Capitalists and Cleantech
Part III: Changing Consumer Behavior
Part IV: After Efficiency, What Next?
Part V: Business Strategy
Part VI: The Role of the Next President in Energy Policy
Part VII: The Details
Part VIII: Q&A with Chevron
Part IX: Final Thoughts
Video clips, transcript and more of the discussion

Again, many thanks to the American Petroleum Institute, who sponsored and financed my entire trip, for the invitation and opportunity to have this open dialogue. Their hospitality and initiative are greatly appreciated.

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