Sunday, June 29, 2008

Off-Shore Drilling Chatter

Have you noticed all the talk lately about offshore drilling to combat our energy/oil problems? President Bush called for the ban on offshore drilling to be lifted and presidential candidate John McCain wants the same.

The pro-drilling side often talks about it in terms of "energy independence" (i.e. less foreign imports of oil), while others point out that offshore drilling is not a long-term solution, but rather an expensive one that doesn't address the global warming problem.

The American Petroleum Institute recently hosted a conference call for bloggers to talk about offshore drilling. I wasn't able to make the call, but
here's the transcript of it. The most interesting parts of the conversation start around page 9, with talk of the regulations of off-shore drilling, amount of oil left offshore, etc. There's also an audio version.

It's always helpful to learn more about how offshore drilling works, the policies involved and the amount of oil predicted to be left in these areas. But the larger picture is that we need to address energy efficiency (both in our transportation sector and electric sector) and a shift to cleaner energy sources to really address the root of the problem.

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