Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Liveblogging from Windpower 2008: Photos of Small Wind Turbines

Here are a few of the more innovative and interesting small wind turbines designs I've found at Windpower 2008. For more photos, check out my guest post over at the fabulous green design blog Jetson Green.

Also - a reader asked about temporary wind turbines to put up for special events. I asked around and the general consensus was that there's probably a company out there somewhere that makes them, but it would be very inefficient (cost wise) to go that route.

This turbine is from Dallas-based BroadStar Windsystems (one of the new American turbine designers I found). This AeroCam turbine can be used on top of urban buildings (picture several of them across the top of a stadium, for example) and even in between typical turbines at a rural wind farm.
What's more, BroadStar claims that this turbine can achieve $1 per watt installed.

This small turbine is from IR Windpower. They currently manufacture both large and small designs throughout Asia, but they're eying the European and U.S. markets next.

This turbine from
KR Windpower stands only about 4-5 feet off the ground. The company is based in Korea, with offices in China and California:

This vertical turbine is from Hi Energy. The poster in the photo shows examples of how the turbine can be used. I couldn't find a website for the company but following the photo is a video of the turbine in action.

And finally, the always attractive SkyStream turbine by Southwest WindPower. This is the model George Bush Sr.
installed at his Kennebunkport home:

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