Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Liveblogging from Windpower 2008: Tour of Acciona Wind Turbine

Acciona Windpower, a Spanish manufacturer of wind turbines, introduced their new and enormous 3-megawatt (MW) wind turbine and had a full-scale nacelle on display. The nacelle is the part of the turbine that sits on top of the shaft and houses machinery like the gear box, low- and high-speed shafts, generator, controller and brake.

The AW-3000 turbine has the largest swept area of any 3 MW machine on the market. It comes with three rotor diameters options of 328, 358, or 380 feet and a concrete shaft of 328 or 394 feet high. Its nacelle has anti-slip surfaces (good thing from that height), noise insulation and fireproof materials.

This is the "nose" of the nacelle, and those giant gaping holes are where the blades fit in.

In North America, the AW-3000 will be manufactured at a plant Iowa. Acciona says the wind turbine should be available in 2009.

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